Some of my work

I am currently employed at Savvy Marketing in Leeds as a Digital Developer. As part of my work with Savvy I've developed websites and other projects for several big names including adidas, Morrisons, Symington's, Delicious Alchemy and Little Dish.

Outside of my day-to-day, however, I've also got a lot of personal projects on the go. Some of these are detailed below and there are more to come.


GameCrash is a online video games magazine featuring news, reviews and thought pieces about video games and the wider gaming industry.

Rather than engaging in the clickbait-style constant churn of hourly headlines, all of GameCrash's articles are written, edited and published to meet a high standard for every single post.


Pokécharms is one of the first websites I ever built and the current incarnation has been online since 2003. Originally created as a basic Pokémon fan site, it eventually grew to being a massive online community of particularly creative Pokémon fans.

One of the most popular features on Pokécharms is the Trainer Card Maker web app, the original version of which was built over the space of two nights as a simple experiment with PHP's image manipulation libraries. To date, millions of images have been created using the app, with over 800,000 alone since the launch of version 4 in late 2013.